10,000 VoicesEnough To Go AroundWhat Lies BeneathA Watched Pot Never BoilsNavigating the Space BetweenLying in WaitThe Weight of the WorldLittle DaggersAnother Side of TruthHere and BeyondHeads or TailsChasing the TailThird Eye WatchingFollow the TruthBreaking the PatternRing of FireWeighing the MomentTeacups and Flying SaucersStacking UpBoiling PointEye of the StormA Slip of the TongueToday is the DayThe FarceUp in SmokeSlice of LifeComing Together/Coming ApartPregnant PauseParting GlancesYellow Wallpaper
Domestic Landscape Series
This body of work integrates digital and contemporary printmaking technologies, utilizing 3d computer-generated models built and manipulated as a theatrical set inside the computer. The models are rendered and then imported into Photoshop, where they are color-separated into the four process colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). These color layers are output to four separate transparencies, which are exposed to photo polymer printing plates and hand-printed in their respective CMYK colors.